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NGA.NET's solutions are delivered via the cloud and designed to address HR complexities and regulations in workforce planning and performance.

NGA.NET solutions bring together the complexities of talent management. Our solution automates the multitude of time-consuming tasks involved with recruitment, speeds up the process of hiring, improves the quality of hires and enhances retention, while reducing costs at the same time. Both business and government agencies benefit from these streamlined processes.

Build a talented team quickly and efficiently

Plan for efficient growth and build a talented team.

Reduce repetitive administrative tasks to free up your time so you can focus on servicing employees and increasing your organisation’s autonomy.

You can quickly identify talented candidates, keep track of recruitment strategies and access reports and dashboards allowing you to constantly know where the recruitment cycle is at, so you can achieve more.

Recruit, build and develop your people more efficiently

Our solution uses processes, terminology and workflows that match how you work today.

Improve the quality of people you hire with advanced recruitment and assessment tools that work with your internal processes while also giving your organisation the tools it needs to work smarter and more efficiently so that you can achieve more in less time.

You can benefit from our unique configurable recruitment and assessment processes, which will free up time so that you can spend it where it matters – ensuring adherence to the businesses recruitment and selection process.

Plan for growth with reports you can use to succeed.

Improve the quality of your organisation’s workforce, reduce costs and free up time and resources to focus on critical decision-making.

Your team will be able to work more efficiently and focus on working towards achieving their results and strategic outcomes. You can make informed critical-decisions backed up with data from our solutions advanced reporting and dashboards.

Our solutions are fully configurable at any time to match your organisation’s processes.

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