A key factor to an organization’s success is a flexible and customizable human capital management solution. We ensure our technology is tailored to support your public sector organizations mission in the most cost and labor effective way. Taking an agile approach to HR technology, NGA.NET builds solutions that easily integrate into existing enterprise systems so customers do not have to compromise their business processes.

You can be confident that our team will  work with you every step of the way to ensure our software meets immediate and long-term human capital requirements.

NGA.NET’s Talent Acquisition solution, eRecruit, empowers organizations to improve the speed and quality of people hired, while reducing costs and speeding time to critical decision-making. It delivers advanced recruitment and assessment tools and enhanced reporting, search, security and onboarding capabilities to maximize and improve an organization’s recruitment processes and meet hiring needs. In addition to its robust backend technology, NGA.NET offers a user-friendly interface with a clean, intuitive design and best in-class flexibility and configurability that enables HR managers to be more efficient.


NGA.NET’s Talent Management solution, ePerform, helps remove the complexity of managing employee performance and creating succession plans by efficiently streamlining and fast-tracking these processes. This flexible solution provides instant, overall visibility into every aspect of an organization’s human capital in order to build a business’s strengths, identify weaknesses and create a more productive workforce.


eRecruit FAQs

Q. What is e-recruitment?

A. E-recruitment or online recruitment is the use of the internet for attracting and hiring job seekers. This involves attracting and matching applicants and validating their skills and qualifications. As the number of people applying online for jobs increase, companies can take advantage of e-recruiting software to manage the process and reduce recruiting-related costs and increase efficiencies across the process.

Q. How does eRecruit work?

A. The company who purchases eRecruit decides how they want the application to work using input and best practice from NGA.NET. eRecruit is a highly flexible and can be configured to suit the needs of the company.

Q. Can eRecruit work with our other systems?

A. Sometimes you need to connect your other systems to eRecruit so you can:

  • Satisfy internal or regulatory requirements
  • Eliminate the need for, and cost of double data entry
  • Efficiently capture company data in record management systems
  • Provide consistent and quality data across applications
  • Automate distribution and communication

eRecruit can handle all data integration needs, whether you need to get data from other applications into eRecruit or you need to export data from eRecruit. Take advantage of our expertise in integrating data to and from leading HRIS, ERP, payroll, benefits, compensation, time and attendance, and CRM systems.


  • Automate and align common processes, like requisition requests and job approvals to create efficiencies, reduce waste and increase consistency
  • A single system ensuring all users follow agreed processes
  • Process, terminology and workflows that match how you work today. No need to learn new ways to work
  • Build new workflows or make quick changes when needed to keep processes moving
  • Powerful reporting allows access to key analytics to assist with decision making and oversights on recruitment strategies
  • Reduce time and costs while increasing critical decision-making with dashboard reporting
  • Monitor the progress of your processes in seconds. Generate reports with the information you need to make informed decisions. Avoid delay and maximise efficiencies
  • Find potential candidates using your existing talent pool of previous applicants or existing staff
  • Save time by using the position description library, which contains generic job descriptions
  • Streamlined on-boarding processes allow new employees to be more productive from their first day on the job.

ePerform FAQs

Q.What is a Performance Management solution?

A. An end-to-end Performance Management solution enables organisations to take the next step from a static annual or bi-annual performance review and adopt a more strategic approach to managing your people. By measuring performance behaviours and competencies against organisation-aligned objectives, useful data is collected and real value is added to the high level strategic decision-making such as reward and remuneration, learning and development and talent and succession planning.

Q. What are the HR functions that ePerform can automate?

A. ePerform automates Performance Management and Talent Management processes, including managing objectives, competencies, performance, development, organisation-wide reporting, talent profile and succession planning. Additional service that is available include; 360 degree Feedback.

Q. What HR problems can NGA.NET ePerform help overcome?

A. ePerform addresses the HR problems around an inefficient workforce and high staff turnover – both stem from unclear individual, team and company-wide goals. These problems can be turned around by creating ongoing dialogue and regular feedback about performance.

Q. What is ePerform Talent Manager?

A. Talent Manager is an ePerform module that identifies employees at high or low engagement levels. Companies can then make planning decisions to ensure the high performing employees continue to be secure, challenged and stay longer. The same process applies to low performers. Identifying unmotivated employees at risk of leaving means succession plans can be made. Measuring the impact of the loss provides vital reporting data for HR teams.

Q. What is involved in implementing a performance management solution?

A. Implementation is a simple and structured process, with minimal involvement from your end. Because ePerform is an online solution, there’s no software or hardware to install and therefore no IT involvement required.

Q. Why is NGA.NET ePerform different to other solutions in the market?

A. Instead of trying to be all things to everyone, NGA.NET takes a different approach. NGA.NET ePerform is user-friendly, easy to navigate and can be completely configured to your own needs. ePerform is a web-based solution so there is no expensive hardware installation costs and users can access information remotely to help inform decision-making.

Q. Can the software be customised to our look and feel?

A. Absolutely. NGA.NET ePerform, like all our talent management solutions, can be configured to match your HR process and built using your organisations terminology. The extremely user-friendly interface means an administrator can make unlimited changes at the user end without needing any IT support.

Q. Can ePerform integrate with our HRIS and other Systems?

A. NGA.NET ePerform is flexible software that can be configured to integrate with a wide variety of HRIS systems upon request.


  • Visibility of historical employee information so you can track progress and performance over time
  • Save time traditionally manually updating and communicating actions as managers and employees know what stage the performance review is at
  • Flexible and tailored workflow emails allow you to decide when email reminders are sent and who needs to be notified
  • Ensure the development plan and future objective discussions between employees and managers are actioned by bringing forward the future goals and development plans from the current review period to the next review period
  • Quickly identify employees who are under-performing or overachieving by setting a target score for a review period and measuring against each rated objective
  • Easily define and create a customized performance appraisal scoring reflecting your business performance score rating approach
  • Set the right level of importance for the performance appraisal scores by defining the percentage allocation between the goals and the criteria (e.g. competencies, behaviors or values) settings for a review period
  • Ensure that all employees have a development plan
  • Use your time and resources more efficiently by copying the settings of existing performance reviews and talent reviews to create new ones
  • Dramatically increase the participation and on-time completion rate by sending email remainders via the system
  • Quickly identify employees’ strengths and development opportunities using the 9-box talent grid
  • Helps you quickly and easily measure each employee’s contribution to particular business objectives category

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